Gainful Employment (GE): Submitting GE Completers List Corrections

To access the PowerPoint from the June 14th webinar on GE, click this hyperlink = Submitting GE Completers List Corrections Webinar.v0.6.  Below are some notes and hot topics from the call:

  1. On the NSLDS website select “GE” tab
    • To update students, retrieve students on the “GE Completer List” option by Social or Alphabetize and select student for making changes.
    • To Add a student, select “Add Gainful Employment Completer” at top….Enter Student Data, click “submit” and “confirm”
  2. After corrections are made to “GE Completer Update pages” and “GE Completers Add pages”, review edited records for program BEFORE submitting by going to the List page and retrieving by “Edited” Status.  Select active blue index for individual records you wish to review and compare the two boxes
    • Once corrections are made and reviewed, Select “Submit draft completers List” below the Menu tabs.
    • Select “Confirm” to send to the department…Important…”Once you confirm, additional changes cannot be made to the program(s) selected.


The presenters pretty much read off the power point slides (hyperlinked above), so here some highlights from the Question and Answer session.

Q:  Which year do Earnings information begin?

A: For this calculation the range is between Jan-Dec of 2014.


Q:  When will we receive the results back?

A:  Once a school submits corrections, and the adjudication process begins, the Department will flag the programs as either approved or denied.  Information will be posted on line with determined status at an unknown time in the future.


Q:  What if there are questions or needed documentation from the Department or the School on exclusions?

A:  The Department will post guidance on how supporting documentation should be reported to FSA…but, the school should compile the documentation as soon as it’s asked for…3 business day turn around for sending supporting documentation …Once you receive the email request from the Department, there only have 3 days to respond.


Q:  What if there are less than 30 students?

A:  If there are less than 30 students in a program…first, list students from years 10-11. Then open it to 08-09 years. And if still not coming up with 30 students, then the department will send the threshold of earnings to SSA (for at least 10 students), but the program will not receive a debt to earnings rate, because there were not enough students to calculate…But, no negative consequences.


Q:  What if Students are excluded in completers list that I want to be on the list?

A:  If there is supporting documentation that the exclusions were not valid, then they can be included, but need to include comments of the correct status. For example, if a student was excluded because they’re listed as in school but, there is evidence the student was not enrolled, then the school can uncheck that inclusion mark to correct the student’s true status.


Q:  When is earnings data collected?

A:  Not until after draft corrections of final students are sent to Social Security ( at end of 45 days). The list of students sent to Social Security Assoc. will capture their median earnings, and will be disseminated when SSA reports back…Unknown time-table to be announced in the future.


Q: Am I able to correct the CIP program on a student?

A: First the student needs to be deleted, then added again with the correct CIP code…Remember, because of subsequent GE cycles, it is important to get the information correct in the beginning, because these students may show in the future and the GE Completers corrections do not get passed onto NSLDS, so it’s still very important to follow up with routing reporting corrections (on-going enrollment reporting)

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